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visitorsVisitors To Lospalos
One of the many cool things about living in Lospalos, East Timor are the visitors that come through. Lospalos is not exactly a tourist destination so the visitors we get are usually people of intention looking for a unique view on the world. A few months back we had Herb Sellin, a Christmas tree farmer, carpenter and avid Third World traveler from Duluth, Minnesota. Then more recently Lena and David came through. Lena is a doctor and David a Presbytery minister in the Uniting Church of Australia. Lena worked in the clinic for a couple days and David accompanied us in some church work, preached to the youth group and joined us in a pastoral visit / home worship service.
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Two weeks ago Jim Hewit showed up. Jim is a Methodist pastor from Oxford, England. In about 1998 he noticed a lot of Timorese people were coming to Oxford as political refugees. He took some into his home and over the years did an extremly radical thing for an English speaker in his home country – he learned their language. Fataluku is an obscure Papuan language spoken only in the eastern part of East Timor. It’s unrelated to either Tetum or Indonesian, both Austronesian languages. In 2004 Jim came to Timor for the first time and you can imagine the people’s suprise when they met this guy speaking their language fluently! You can check out Jim’s website at Jim’s visit was a great reminder of the Bible’s redundant command to be hospitable to the stranger, immigrant and “alien” in one’s land. We could use more people like Jim in the world!
We’re looking forward to the visit of Tom, Linda and Paul later this summer. It’s always a blessing to receive visitors.
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